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    This title is currently out of print. It will be re-published shortly.


Sainfoin’s War
By W.J. Mitchell and Colin Buckenham



Early morning in Singapore harbour we are all mustered on the upper deck whilst the Captain gave us the glad tidings.

All leave stopped at 1800! We would hoist our paying off penant on the following day and sail for home.

We who survived that terrible war are now older, perhaps wiser. Young people look at us and think " How did they fight a war?" ( They will never know!) And now in our quieter moments memories come flooding back. Of faces and of places. Some happy, some sad. But always the memory of a comradeship long cherished.

We few old shipmates from Sainfoin's crew wish to give our heartiest thanks to the United States Shipyard Workers for building a ship that carried us so safely over those thousands of miles and left us with so many memories

We Sincerely hope that our yesterdays never become oue Grandchildrens tomorrow.

God forbid that such a conflict will ever be their experience. Should that be so then we pray that Comradship, Respect for others and Laughter be a part of life that seems to be so sadly lacking in todays society.

Walt Mitchell, on behalf of the Ships Members of H.M.S. SAINFOIN.